devon-deliDevon Deli

Exmouth, Devon
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Tel: 07748 411 541

Opening times

Mon - Sun: 8am - 5pm


Delivering baguettes, sandwiches, award winning pies and much more from Exmouth to Exeter and everywhere inbetween.
In and around Exmouth from 11am daily.
Also provide corporate lunch catering in buffet style.

Takeaway Menu

Sandwiches & Baguettes, all on Farmhouse White, Farmhouse Brown or Granary Farmhouse Bread or White Baguette

Ham and Cheese
Westcountry Ham & Cheese & Devon Deli finest Coleslaw
Devon Deli New Yorker
Turkey Breast, Bacon, red onion & mixed baby leaf salad with lashingsof soft cream cheese
Coronation Chicken
Free range chicken breast, Juicy Sultanas, Creamy Coronation Mayonnaise & Continental mixed baby salad
Chicken and Chorizo
Free range Chicken breast, finest chorizo, Salsa & Rocket salad
Chicken and Bacon
Free range Chicken with local crispy Bacon, Creamy Mayonnaise, Rocket & Red onion salad
Smokey BLT
Crispy smoked local bacon, vine tomatoes, mixed leaf baby salad & Creamy Mayonnaise
Mature West Country Cheddar and Chutney V
West Country Cheddar, local tangy real ale chutney & baby mixed leaf salad
Brie and Chutney V
Somerset Brie with local tangy real ale chutney & baby mixed leaf salad